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Mamra Almonds Originally from Iran are a rich source of protein, minerals and vitamins. Many people consider these tree nuts to be amongst the world’s healthiest foods. These have a higher proportion of almond oil than other types of almonds & account for only about 3-4% of almond production in the world. Plain yet tempting, this pack of California almonds from FOODAVATAR.IN is a wholesome snacking option. Great as a pick-me-up snack anytime during the day, these are essential foods for office-going folks, children and elders alike. They are naturally delicious and rich in nutrients, making them a great addition to your diet.

1.Mamra Almonds Are Rich Source Of Proteins, Minerals & Vitamins. It Prevents Coronary Artery Disease & Strokes By Favouring Healthy Blood Lipid Profile.

2.Mamra Almonds Prevents Skin Disorder, Anemia & Respiratory Diseases.

3.Mamra almonds can Tone & Rejuvenate Your Skin as they are rich in oil content.

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